How Air Catering Facilities And Aircraft Catering Trucks Works


Airport Catering Suppliers Market
Airport Catering Suppliers Market

As soon as passengers are seated on the plane and the plane takes off, expectations are high for in-flight meals. What’s on today’s menu? Are there gluten free meals? Are there vegetarian meals?

However, there are many interesting questions for those who want to know how catering works. In this post, we will explore airline catering facilities and aircraft catering equipment to explain how the entire flight catering system works.

Flight Kitchen (or Flight Catering Facility)

Meals provided by airlines on board are not prepared on board. At or near the airport, there is a facility dedicated to preparing in-flight meals called Flight Kitchen.

Flight Kitchen is simply a large facility for preparing in-flight meals in bulk. It has a team of chefs and catering staff working 24/7 shifts preparing meals for their airline.

For example, the Emirates Catering facility mentioned above is a multi-storey facility with different sections allocated for different tasks such as washing dishes, meal trolley service, appetizer preparation, desert preparation and separate cooking and meal preparation sections for Asia, the subcontinent. . , European and Middle Eastern food respectively.

Aviation Catering Process

The entire catering process for an airline consists of several main steps as shown below.

  1. Flight Kitchen takes orders for meals served in-flight for the next flight. The order is based on a meal plan prepared in advance for other flights operated on specific dates.
  2. The kitchen staff checks the other meals requested on the menu and prepares a meal prep plan in advance.
  3. Kitchen staff prepares meals and prepares portions of meals for passengers and crew.
  4. This cooked food is usually not sent directly to the plane. First, it is cooled at the storage temperature.
  5. Packed meals are now loaded into the meal cart. Multiple fully loaded meal trolleys are ready to be moved into the aircraft and sent to the flight kitchen loading room.
  6. Flight Kitchen loading dock, like other logistics facility loading docks, is a place where the rear bumper is aligned with the bay gate and a designated gate is designated so that trucks can be parked. Moved from facility to room. All meal trolleys are loaded onto aircraft catering trucks.
  7. At this point, the meal trolley leaves the Flight Kitchen and the aircraft catering truck moves to the aircraft platform where the aircraft is parked. There are several security checkpoints that the trucks go through before they finally reach the aircraft.
  8. A new meal cart may not be loaded onto the aircraft until the old meal cart with the used meal package has been removed. So, when Flight Kitchen is loading new trucks, as soon as they arrive, other trucks arriving at the aircraft will line up with the aircraft, allowing the crew to unload all of the existing meal trolleys from the aircraft into the aircraft catering trucks.

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