Improving On-Site Corporate Training With VR/AR



Most people familiar with virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) think of games and entertainment, but VR/AR technology extends far beyond these limits. Organizations can leverage VR/AR technology to provide safer and more effective vocational training for their employees at a fraction of the cost of building labs and real-world environments. This technology also has the advantage of triggering a “memory palace”, a human element in an employee’s learning. This helps employees remember facts and information more easily because they have experienced it “in the real world” rather than traditional classroom learning methods.

How Virtual Reality Is Already Improving Training

Some industries are using the benefits of VR training, primarily in expensive or risky scenarios to educate someone using real-world experiences. Many organizations are already using VR to educate people. Numerous Fortune 500 companies are now leveraging virtual reality to reduce employee training costs and reduce risk. Boeing, UPS, and Walmart are just a few examples of organizations using virtual reality for many educational benefits.

Getting Started With Virtual Reality Training

If your organization wants to try virtual reality training, the first step is to determine which groups will benefit the most and increase the return on your investment. Travel, any educational group that needs a real-world environment, or a group that can outperform a simple desktop course is a good place to start.

There Are A Few More Things To Consider Before Developing Your Training.

Create a storyboard and determine the skills and experiences to deliver in your application.

You determine the outcome and what you want your employees to learn from your application.

Choose your device and integration requirements.

Be prepared to help develop, test, and implement new educational applications.

Organizations, regardless of industry, will improve training, help employees stay informed, and deliver better, safer productivity.

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