A Review On Colorless And Optically Transparent Polyimide Films: Chemistry, Process And Engineering Applications

Transparent Polyimide Film Market

Transparent Polyimide Film Market

Polyimide film is an electrically insulating material with very specific properties, so it can be used in a variety of ways. Polyimide (PI for short) is a thermoplastic material used in high temperature applications.

There are indications that the introduction of colorless polyimide films will lead to a significant increase in applications. Smartphones are one of the main application areas. Most smartphone users admit to smashing display glass from time to time. The glass used by all manufacturers is very hard, but it also has disadvantages: it cracks and shatters easily, and it is heavy for the size of the device. A smartphone that replaces a glass display with a sheet of film would be a major improvement. The display will be of excellent quality, colorless, correct touch, and there will be no risk of screen shattering when dropped. Almost any type of portable display can be replaced by this technology.


Photovoltaic cells are another application where colorless polyimide films can be used. To protect the delicate circuits inside the photovoltaic cells, a glass cover plate is used. While glass is suitable for this application, it is very heavy and breaks easily. Using new polyimide technology, heavy, fragile solar shields can be replaced with a lightweight, strong and colorless material.

Polyimide films are better suited for electrical insulation applications due to their excellent electrical, thermal, physical and chemical properties over a wide temperature range in lightweight packaging. Polyimide is a dielectric and insulating material widely used in electronic and electrical engineering applications ranging from low voltage microelectronics to high voltage engineering. Hence, the increase in applications in the electronics and electrical industry is expected to drive the growth of the polyimide film market. They are valued for their good physical properties (thermal, electrical and mechanical) and ease of coating from liquid or vapor phase. Therefore, polyimide can be used to effectively isolate metal layers or electrodes of different potentials in various applications.

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