200 Billion Reasons To Explore Network Slicing. Ready To Capture Some Of Your Revenue?

Network Slice Market

Network Slice Market

5G will enable new business model innovation in all industries. Network slicing will play an important role in enabling service providers to provide innovative services to enter new markets and expand their businesses that already exist today.

What Is Network Slicing?

Network slicing is the best answer for operators on how to build and manage networks that meet and exceed the new needs of diverse users. The way to achieve a slice network is to transform it into a set of logical networks on top of a shared infrastructure. Each logical network is designed to serve a defined business purpose and consists of an end-to-end configuration and all required network resources associated with it.

A network slice is a logically separated, independent, and secure part of a network that targets a variety of services with different requirements for speed, latency, and reliability. Network slice characteristics are, for example, low latency, high bandwidth and ultra-reliability for critical IoT use cases or high latency and low bandwidth for large-scale IoT use cases.

Modern OSS and BSS that provide automated business and operational processes are essential to efficiently manage network slices and maximize revenue. Programmable and flexible 5G networks and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and service level agreement (SLA)-based orchestration give you the flexibility to create, rapidly deploy, and automatically manage the network functions you need throughout their lifecycle.

A network slice can be dedicated to one enterprise customer or shared by multiple tenants. For example, a slice may consist of core resources with dedicated radio, transmit, and dedicated user plane functions at the edge. Another slice shares radio and transport resources between tenants, but provides dedicated core network capabilities per tenant.

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