The Next Generation Of Wireless Communication Using Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) Technology

Optical Wireless Communication and Li-Fi Market

Optical Wireless Communication and Li-Fi Market

Li-Fi is a derivative of optical wireless communications (OWC) technology, which uses light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a medium to deliver network, mobile, high-speed communication in a similar manner to Wi-Fi.

The increasing demand for communication bandwidth for high-speed internet, high-definition live video streaming, video conferencing, etc. cannot be met by radio frequency (RF) communication technology alone.

Communication technology affects all aspects of our life, business and industry. Over the years, we’ve seen technology improve a company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The world will not be the same after two decades as it witnesses massive innovations in various technologies.

Wireless communications are overtaking wired technologies and will continue to expand their horizons into the future. Wireless technologies also make it easier to extend Internet access to areas that were difficult to reach with wired technology. Many other tech giants have started projects with this goal. These types of technologies could help bring internet access to rural communities, remote communities, big cities, industrial areas and people in developing countries.

The optical spectrum is already a key enabler of the global internet. Fiber optic communication networks not only connect all continents, they also form the backbone of modern communication networks that supply metropolises, cities, towns and, increasingly, households with high-speed data. Extending the fiber optic medium to include the free space medium for last-mile connectivity and mobile access seems not only a natural step, but also a relatively easy step.

Therefore, in recent years there has been a significant increase in interest from academia and industry in optical wireless communication (OWC) technologies. Because of the many use cases they can serve, there is now a wide range of OWC technologies as well. The main OWC technologies are (i) free space optical communication (FSO), (ii) visible light communication (VLC), (iii) optical camera communication (OCC) and (iv) wireless networking with light, also referred to as LiFi.

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