Design And Analysis 5G Mobile Network Model To Enhancement High-Density Subscriber

5G Network Analyser Market

5G Network Analyser Market

5G communication technology provides strong support for the Internet of Things, and also brings new security challenges to the application process of the energy industry. Starting from the analysis of the business needs of Power 5G, this article proposes five plans for building 5G enterprise networks based on different collaborative processing relationships and performs a comparative analysis in terms of security, delay, independence, cost and staffing.

According to the analysis of the needs of the energy business and the enterprise network mode, a hybrid network architecture of 5G and energy communication network is proposed, and the 5G network slicing architecture is re-segmented according to different business scenarios. Finally, the new risks and challenges introduced by 5G technology are analyzed in detail from the four parts of terminal access, edge computing, network channel and core network. Two important risks that are pointed out are specified by a security risk assessment algorithm. In the future, it is also necessary to further investigate key technologies such as lightweight authentication algorithms and network slice security isolation in order to realize the true security utilization of 5G network in the energy industry.

From the point of view of business needs, the 5G electricity communication network mainly includes three types of business, including production control area, information management area and Internet area. The specific subdivision business mainly includes distribution differential protection, synchronous phasor measurement (PMU), intelligent distribution automation, power load demand side response, intelligent inspection, plant operation status monitoring and so on.

These versatile spectrum analyzers leverage the latest analog and digital device technologies to provide broadband measurement capabilities that were only possible in a much larger rackmount instrument. Depending on the measurement function, they offer at least 2h runtime with a battery that fits in this portable spectrum analyzer.

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