Simulation And Optimization Of Giant Radial Tire Vulcanization Process

Giant Tire Market

Giant Tire Market

A lack of traditional bead hooks means that hookless rims are generally only compatible with tubeless or tubeless tires, as standard clincher tires require the bead hooks to remain seated on the rim when inflated.

However, the reality is far grimmer as wheel brands are realizing that not all tubeless tires currently available are safe to use on hookless rims, especially at the higher pressures used in road cycling.

This has resulted in some manufacturers specifying relatively low maximum inflation pressures for wheels with hookless rims, or simply making lists of tires known to be compatible with their wheels to prevent consumers from experiencing potentially dangerous blowouts.

In addition, Goodyear announced it will invest $250 million to upgrade and expand NGT’s tire manufacturing facility to increase global OTR tire offerings for key customers. The expansion will also support the growth of the company’s OTR business in Asia Pacific, particularly in Australia, one of the world’s largest markets for OTR tires.

The facility upgrades will significantly expand NGT’s capabilities through the use of new manufacturing technologies and processes, the company said. The expanded facility is expected to be fully operational in early 2014, increasing the workforce to approximately 400 people.

“Goodyear OTR tires are in high demand around the world,” said Richard Kramer, President and CEO. “Expansion into Japan is in line with our strategic roadmap as it will allow us to leverage market-driven innovation for growth in one of our target segments, the global OTR business.”

This investment will enable NGT to manufacture a full line of 57-inch tires as well as 63-inch tires at a later date, said Dan Smytka, Goodyear’s president of Asia Pacific.

“Now is the time for us to increase our OTR presence in Asia Pacific,” said Smytka. “We are proud of our achievements and will continue to build on the strong momentum of this acceleration in expansion.”

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