In-Car Speech Recognition: Past, Present And Future



The evolution of automobiles has entered a new era. Everyday drives are turning into smart devices. And just like any other smart device, speech recognition technology is becoming an everyday part of the in-vehicle experience.

Why is the automotive industry so advanced in in-car speech recognition? This is an area where pure need, not the ability to market new concepts or devices to technology-hungry consumers, has driven innovation.

Why In-Car Voice Recognition?

Many advances in speech recognition have been driven by the need to keep the public safe while acknowledging a culture that relies on devices. This is especially true for vehicles.

Whether texting or using Google Maps, the urge to take your eyes off the road has become second nature. In-vehicle speech recognition systems have become almost a standard feature on every new car on the market today.

But while safe driving behavior (and in many places the law) requires you to ignore constant calls, emails, and text messages while driving, that kind of disconnection isn’t a reality.

How can in-car speech recognition help?

The details of what you can control with your voice vary by car.

A typical selection of voice control features is grouped into three categories: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Basic speech recognition capabilities revolve around the car’s media and entertainment systems. Drivers can use their voice to switch stations, adjust volume and skip tracks.

The intermediate system allows the driver, in addition to basic functions, to make and receive calls, program the GPS and adjust the air conditioning.

More advanced technologies consolidate internet connections to facilitate web browsing and using apps.

The Ultimate Form Will Be Achieved With Autonomous Vehicles.

For example, at the advanced level, drivers can ask directions, reserve a restaurant and find a parking space without taking their eyes off the road or taking their hands off the steering wheel.

When inspiration strikes, you can bring up the Notes app and dictate your thoughts. You can then request weather updates and read text messages to you. Eventually, they will be able to request programs from their favorite streaming service

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