How Smart Iot Modules Impact Different Industries

IoT Smart Modules Market

IoT Smart Modules Market

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things connected to wireless networks that send and receive data.

As digital transformation becomes the key to societal and economic growth, the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking center stage, bridging the gap between the physical world and the internet. IoT modules, small computing components embedded in devices, have always been one of the most critical components in this process as they enable wireless connection between the devices and the network. At the same time, the influence of consumer products has been transferred to the world of IoT, resulting in a market need for IoT modules that can improve consumer experience.

Among the different types of wireless modules, the intelligent IoT module is characterized by the ability to process a large amount of data and provide an interactive user experience. Compared to other wireless communication modules, intelligent modules integrate multiple wireless technologies into a single module with advanced computing power enabled by powerful CPUs and multimedia display capabilities to meet the needs of consumer-style application environment…

IoT Smart Module Features: 

  • energy efficient
  • Battery powered Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • The watchdog function ensures hardware operational control of selected services
  • Effective file system for FLASH memory to store up to 65,000 records to protect against network failures
  • easy installation
  • Software-based programming for ease of use and faster setup
  • Multiple slave devices can be configured for the same gateway
  • Buzzer for error detection or connection problems with L.E.D. indication
  • Compact robust housing made of ABS plastic
  • Optimized for areas with weak cellular connection
  • Quad band 2G cellular technology
  • Wi-Fi (SIMWF485) connectivity

Intelligent IoT module supports various industries

The Smart IoT module has great market potential, which is ideal for applications that require high-definition, multimedia capabilities, and some computing power. Some examples are:

Electronic Cash Register (ECR) and Smart POS (Point-of-Sale)

Demand for smart modules increases as legacy payment terminals increasingly need to be redesigned to comply with new financial and data security regulations and protect consumer privacy. Smart IoT modules embedded in smart payment terminals enable fast and secure transactions over cellular networks anytime, anywhere.

Smart vending machine

People today expect a more convenient and personalized shopping experience, which has encouraged many business owners to turn to IoT to improve customer satisfaction while increasing sales and reducing overall costs.

The IoT Smart Module is a type of RS485 to MQTT module that streams sensor data to a cloud-hosted software platform. They are highly scalable and offer unlimited sensor data storage, powerful analytics and searches, real-time visibility and alerts, and intuitive dashboards. The IoT smart module remotely monitors industrial sensors, from pressure to temperature, tank levels, flow, gas levels, etc. SIM works effectively as a standalone industrial monitoring solution. The cloud-based remote monitoring function of this module places it in the category of IoT devices with the development trends of integration with the fast-growing Internet of Things technologies.

Telematics Devices

 In the not too distant future, vehicles will become smart devices on wheels. Self-driving vehicles, in-vehicle user personalization, and intelligent driver assistance can all be supported by intelligent IoT modules. Embedded in the smart module, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, for example, allow drivers and passengers to connect their smartphones to the vehicle’s dashboard, providing navigation and voice control for music, phone calls and messages.

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